The Fight Goes On

Our Mission:

Arizona Wins is a coalition of progressive advocacy organizations and labor unions, working together to improve public policy for working families in Arizona. Our mission is to change the face of the Arizona legislature and achieve progressive policies on a state level. We are increasing awareness of progressive issues among our coalition members’ constituencies and targeted voting populations to increase our political strength. We have an electoral strategy and infrastructure now capturing the energy and strength of Arizona progressives to effectively impact elections. Through close collaboration between community groups, Arizona Wins has taken charge of securing progressive goals for Arizona.


Arizona Wins was formed in 2011, as a direct response to the growing disenfranchisement of voters, attacks on the Latino community, and the need to bring organizations together to advocate for working families and People of Color in Arizona. Arizona Wins brings together community organizations to participate in advocacy campaigns and civic engagement efforts. The table members represent a broad tapestry of 501c4s focused on voter registration, voter engagement, voter mobilization, election protection, and issue advocacy.

Arizona Wins focuses on engaging the New American Majority: People of Color, young people, and women. We know that together this coalition of voters can change the face of American democracy and bring about public policy that serves our whole community, not just those in power.